Environmental Awareness


Flint Hill Elementary became a Green Flag school in May of 2014. We earned our 2nd Flag in May of 2016, our 3rd flag in May of 2018 and became a Permanent Green Flag school in May of 2019! 

Thanks to Ms. Taylor, our Environmental Stewardship Instructional Assistant, we have grown a new business partner. Lowes in Fairfax has chosen Flint Hill has their Hometown Hero Project recipient.

During our Garden Grub Event in the beginning of October 2017, the wonderful staff of Lowes came to fix our Greenhouse, build new raised beds, make an outdoor whiteboard, and provide us with Virginia Native Plants for around our school grounds. We couldn’t be happier for this new partnership.

To learn more about what we are up to at FHES and all of our Green Energy Efforts- Visit our student blog! This blog is run by our Environmental Club.

http://flinthillgreenteam.weebly.com/ (can only be viewed outside of FCPS wifi)

Courtyard Habitat Program

The Flint Hill courtyard provides students with a place of wonder. The natural surroundings of our courtyard make it a tranquil place for classes to meet and discuss various topics of the curriculum. Science is one of the many subjects that comes to life during each of the four seasons. Each grade level, Kindergarten through Sixth, has a section of the courtyard that correlates with their instructional curriculum. This unique habitat provides an exciting environment to study, play with, and explore.

Healthy Living

The Healthy Living School- Wide Audit is a yearly process of importance. Flint Hill conducts this audit to assess the current amount of time staff and students spend outside (“Green Hours”) both during and after school. 

Resulting from the collected data, FHES has brainstormed ways for students to have more Green Hours when they are home. These ways, produced by the students, will be listed shortly. 

NWF Eco-School

Flint Hill's environmental program has earned the National Wildlife Federations Eco-School designation.

Get to Green Program

The Get to Green website was designed to share energy and recycling data, resources for implementing projects in schools and at home, and general information about the green initiatives underway in FCPS.