New Calendar Subscriptions Available

iCalendar is a popular calendar data exchange format which allows you to subscribe to a calendar and receive updates as calendar data changes. Subscribe to the Flint Hill calendar.   

How to Add to your Google Calendar

To subscribe to a particular calendar go to the following page and choose the calendar you wish to subscribe to by clicking on subscribe to calendars.

You will get a pop-up box that says, “ Open URL:...

Click on the Open URL: Outlook Add…Calendar.

Once you open it, click in the address bar of the browser you are using and copy the URL address.

For example, This is the web address Calendar: webcal://

Now open your Gmail Calendar by going to

Click on Add a coworker’s calendar and from the dropdown chose From URL.

Paste the URL to the calendar there.  It may show up as an FCPS calendar, depending on the filters you set at the beginning.